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The Phillips Group Oncology Communications specializes in an array of services within the oncology community including communications expertise, meeting management, medical writing, and HCP/KOL relationships. Our oncology communications expertise can be summarized by:

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  • Peer-reviewed manuscripts
  • Abstracts, posters, orals
  • Supplements
  • Case reports
  • Mechanism of action figure
  • Newsletters
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HCP Engagement

  • Advisory boards/SABs
  • Speaker development
  • Investigator meetings
  • KOL * mapping and 1:1
  • Steering committees
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Medical Affairs

  • Slide sets for MSLs
  • Drug info letters
  • Safety brochures for patients
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Promotional Programs

  • Symposia & product theaters
  • Slide & webcast programs
  • Web-based conferences
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Educational Programs

  • Symposia
  • Regional programs
  • Enduring materials
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Strategic Support

  • Competitive intelligence (congress, literature, trials)
  • Scientific platform
  • Strategic plan
  • Lexicon/Scientific narrative
  • Learning experiences
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Publication Support

  • Publication planning
  • Submission support
  • Timeline management
  • Gap analysis (SWOT)

Our medical content expertise in oncology along with our long-standing relationships with internationally recognized investigators form the basis of our competitive edge. We pride ourselves on our personalized service, exceptional quality, diligent approach and absolute respect for conflicts of interest. We use our years of experience and market awareness to help develop practical and creative solutions with sophisticated application.

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Client responsiveness, Market awareness, Strategic thinking, Sophisticated application, Effective communication, Highest ethical standards, Expertise & scientific understanding.

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