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25+ Year Presence in Providing Exceptional Medical Communications Services to the Oncology Community.

At The Phillips Group, we provide a diverse portfolio of services, but mainly specialize in areas of:

We are on a mission to provide clear, scientifically accurate information and ideas,which help practitioners make clinically meaningful decisionsand provide optimal care for people with cancer.

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We provide a wide array of services for a variety of meeting types. Upcoming events would include:


Our team of highly professional and dedicated medical communications experts at The Phillips Group Oncology Communications possess best-in-class talent and have a long-standing history with our company.

Our medical writers have earned various advanced medical degrees and have extensive histories working in cancer centers, with 10-22+ years of writing experience.


We have a proven history of working with multinational corporate clients as well as local bench scientists and clinicians.

  • Large and small pharmaceutical companies and their affiliates
  • Large and small biotechnology companies
  • Independent investigators
  • Cooperative research groups
  • Cancer centers and oncology practices
  • Specialty healthcare organizations
  • Patient advocacy groups 

The Phillips Group has extensive, diverse, and well-established experience in

Wide range of malignancies, diagnostics, and treatments in all phases of clinical development
Medical writing for journal articles, abstracts, scientific poster content, congress competitive intelligence overview, monthly lit searches, newsletters, and training materials
Strong relationships with opinion leaders, investigators, HCPs, cooperative groups, associations, cancer institutions, congresses, and journals
Scientific writing for different audiences and media
Meeting planning and production for satellite symposia and advisory boards, and post-production highlights
Broad scope of clinical oncology/hematology patient and product experience

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